Pathfinder Inconsistent Adventures

It's over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

That's impossible!

The lighthouse to the east beckoned. We set off at once, joined by the surviving members of the expedition. The trek was largely uneventful, though the tower itself was far from mundane. Brass pipes lined the interior, and neither Cora nor the researchers could decipher the runes etched into them. Brodert, the lead researcher, copied the runes down while Cora pored over them. Following the pipes to the top of the tower revealed a large, glowing crystal of arcane nature.

Otherwise, however, the tower was empty, and we found little else of interest. As the day was still relatively young we set out to the tower in the west. Along the way we spotted another path worn into the grass, leading off the road. Brodert and the others were eager to continue on; Frogan and Cora were intrigued, however, and I ventured off the road with them. Our time was limited but immediately things were…off. Things were unnaturally quiet. It was a complete absence of sound. And a few moments later we realized there were no smells either.

We came upon a clearing and spotted four of the otherworldly cats. Akata, Cora called them, I believe. But more alarming was a…rip…in the air. It was as though the sky hung in the breeze, fluttering. And that is close enough to the truth, as Cora explained. Something tore open our reality and joined it to the Far Realm.

The less said about that, the better. My skin still crawls thinking of it.

We retreated back to the rest of the party and continued on to the western tower. The structure was in shambles. Curiously, the dwarf decided to venture up the ruins, in spite of his…well…lack of coordination. On reaching the top we discovered the crystal had been shattered, and soon Adel was shattered as well, having fallen back down the stairs and causing a complete collapse of the structure.

I hauled the dwarf from the wreckage and we made our way back to the researchers’ camp to recover and await the arrival of Sandara Quinn. She agreed to take us to Roderic’s Cove, a short distance from Riddleport, and we set off from the island.

The journey proved to be less than simple. The ship shuddered, as if something had rammed into it.

From below.

A band of monsters broke the surface of the water, riding atop an impossibly massive turtle. We scarcely had time to prepare before they boarded the ship and combat began. Cora was separated, cut off at the back of the ship, but the turtle breached and unleashed a devastating breath weapon on the vessel. The dwarves and Bellum all fell unconscious, and after reviving Adel with a potion, I retaliated, harnessing Raiden’s fury and turning one of the monsters to ash.

Frogan and Bellum quickly regained their footing, but the turtle dove back underwater and continued assaulting the boat. Soon only Cora and Sandara were left at the rear; I dispatched another of the monsters and charged towards them, but with one last attack, the turtle destroyed the ship. We were tossed from the vessel, struggling to stay afloat as the sea monster circled us.



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