King Fathead I

A goblin "warlord" and leader of the Gut Cruncher tribe.


Size/Type: Small Humanoid (Goblin)


On a mission in the Tors to the east of Sandpoint, the members of WFACo came across “King” Fathead and “three of his best warriors.” It was quickly noted that the goblin could not count past three—there were four other goblins in the party. In exchange for information about the dragon called “Black Fang,” and free passage through the goblins’ lair, the party retrieved the Gut Crunchers’ “holy totem,” a carved wooden toy of a dragon; the toy’s wings would flap if the tail was pulled. Upon driving off Black Fang, it was discovered that Fathead and his minions had absconded with the party’s donkey, abandoning their lair in the mountains.

King Fathead I

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