Pathfinder Inconsistent Adventures

Warm welcome

Making friends everywhere we go

After enough idle time to rest up but not so much to go stir crazy, we were at last reconvened with a simple task to accompany the sarcophagus we’d discovered to the city of Magnimar. Although my time spent at the forge was rejuvenating, I was glad to be able to travel with the company once again.

The journey to Magnimar was refreshingly uneventful. Without incident we reached the Capital District and delivered the ancient relic to the Museum of Antiquities. Conrad had given us leave to remain in Magnimar after completing the task, so I traveled with Bellum to a temple of Iomedae to pay respects while the rest of the group procured lodging at the Randy Priestess.

An establishment of such caliber was a promising omen.

The next morning, while pondering our next course of action within Magnimar, a hulking man claiming to be Conrad’s friend approached us. Adril Hestram was his name, and he had need of our services; more specifically, his friend had need of our services. The northman’s comrade, Skelg “The Ripper”, had fallen ill, and our assistance was requested.

Without any other pressing matters to occupy our time, we set off to Skelg’s estate across town. The guards were hesitant to grant us access at first, and became quite eager to see us off the property. Tensions rapidly escalated and weapons were drawn, but we dispatched them with ease. Making our way into the manor we located Skelg and his manservant Tyros.

Skelg’s quarters were hotter than the forge, it seemed; even under numerous blankets and next to a roaring fire, the northman shivered uncontrollably and could not shake the chill from his bones. We were begged for assistance to help the warrior die an honorable death on his feet rather than in his bed.

A suspicious tapestry in one of the hallways of Skelg’s home gave us a lead to follow, and we eventually tracked down Skelg’s nemesis, Bengirr Haldyrson, to a warehouse at the waterfront. Bellum searched for information at the Rosy Fingers, across the street from the warehouse, but didn’t find the locals receptive to his brand of questioning.

With a bit of prodding we were able to gain access to the warehouse and quickly wished we hadn’t. Bengirr had reclaimed the “Beacon of The North” and was taking it back to Irrisen; unbeknownst to us when we were hired, Skelg had stolen the relic from Haldyr Bjornsson, Bengirr’s father.

Our party fought valiantly but we were outmaneuvered by the northmen and Cora ultimately surrendered after the rest of us had fallen. Bengirr, impressed with our martial ability, restored our health before departing for Irrisen, leaving us with much to ponder before making our next move in the city.



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