Pathfinder Inconsistent Adventures

I'll Sit Here and Drink...

Following clearing cavern, return to basecamp.
Same night, a pyre is built for Jinx.
Next morning, joined by Del, Adalan (Human Cleric of Sarenrae), and Belkun (Illusionist).
Belkun knows Dash, Greer, and Jinx.
The party, the professor, and the laborers begin to excavate the cavern.
That night, it’s revealed Belkun, Dash, Greer, and Jinx, a party known as the Farstriders, were the ones who found the cold iron box Lady Amorthya had in her chambers.
Also, an elven samurai steps from the woods, seeking the Kaijitsus.
Party splits, half to guard the caravan, half to guard the cave.
A laborer is killed by a ghoul.
Kyras disappears.
Cora assumes Kyras was turned by Jinx.
The party splits to search for Kyras.
Coming together not far from the cavern entrance, the party is ambushed by orcs.
Following the orc fight, the cavern is excavated fully.
Upon return to Sandpoint, the party assists with the unloading of the artifacts from the Kaijitsu tomb.
It’s noticed that a laborer pulls up his cloak and disappears into the crowd.
A few attempt to follow, but are unsuccessful.
The party takes the Jade Katana to Kaijitsu Manor.
Lady Amara Li takes the katana, unwraps the hilt, and removes a scroll. She rewards the party.
Lord Kaijitsu gleefully takes the treasures with which he has been provided, but upon seeing Toshiro, orders him out.
Lady Amara Li and Toshiro discuss how she knew the information, it’s revealed the skeleton from the Kaijitsu tomb was his father, and he storms off to claim it.
Sujin, the ever-dutiful servant, provides the remaining party members with a bottle of rice wine, and together, they drink.
Professor Abernathy reveals there is a second, much older, body interred in that sarcophagus, beneath a false bottom.
Accompanied by Bellum and Adalan, Toshiro laid his father to rest in the cemetery at Sandpoint Cathedral.
Meanwhile, Cora and Busty visited Trade Prince Aaqir Al’Hakim, and regretted they were unable to find anything. Hakim was not entirely believing, but still allowed them to go, along with a token of coin for their trouble.
And that’s where we left off…



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