Pathfinder Inconsistent Adventures


For WFACO, and the triceratops

All things considered, Frank was rather forgiving about the triceratops, leaving us to continue on our journey back to Sandpoint while hoping to enlist the help of Walthus, the halfling warden of the swamp we’d previously helped.

We departed the farm and quickly located the triceratops, lumbering along the road heading straight for us. From atop the creature called a familiar voice—Walthus had already located the triceratops, and was guiding the creature back to the farm.

Walthus quickly briefed us on the mission awaiting us in Sandpoint on our return. Apparently ruins of an identical tower to the one we’d previously explored had been unearthed. We hadn’t seen such a thing in our initial visit to the Devil’s Platter, but there was little reason to question Walthus further. He carried on, returning to the farm, and we finally returned to Sandpoint.

Conrad welcomed us back to the city by immediately requesting payment for boarding and damages during our stay in Magnimar. Frogan departed after receiving a separate assignment from Conrad, and Conrad confirmed what Walthus had initially told us. We broke for the night, each of us going our separate ways and agreeing to meet in the morning.

Rilen had changed little in my absence. The shop was very well maintained, of course, and his business was quite stable, outfitting passersby and getting some work for the city guard. Blackfang’s corpse had been prepared, but the ultimate enchantments to be placed on the armor were still up for discussion with the party.

After spending the remainder of the night catching up with him, I met the rest of the party in the morning and we set out for the Devil’s Platter. The ruins were easy to locate, and the unmistakable stench of troglodytes filled the air as we approached. With relative ease we dispatched a group sorting through rubble. Before falling, one of them, ostensibly their leader, warned that we didn’t know the folly of what we were doing.

That had never stopped us before.

A stairway leading under the ruins was quickly uncovered after we dispatched the creatures. Utter darkness surrounded us in the lower level and we were quickly assaulted. Some kind of undead troglodytes, as well as lizards, bore down on us. Although my positioning was ideal, i was quickly overwhelmed. These troglodytes were far tougher than what we’d originally faced.

Cora was again able to destroy one of the beasts, and Dell got me back to my feet more often than he should’ve had to. The creatures fell eventually and we proceeded further into the darkness. Adjoining the first chamber was a large, carved one. Everburning torches lined the walls, two of each of the chromatic colors.

Statues of winged minotaurs stood watch over an altar at the far end of the chamber, and Cora was able to locate a pair of draconic runes on the walls, but could only identify one of them—“Endless”. On the altar, a closed iron box rested. My skin crawled and blood boiled. I clutched the token from the cult member druid, remembering her promises of cleansing the world with acid, fire, ice, lightning, and poison.

Dell approached the altar. I stood at his side and the rest of the party cautiously approached at a distance. Dell opened the box and found a huge tome. Cora identified it as possibly being dragon skin. The tome was locked and Dell was unable to force it open, but it was the cover that kept my attention.

Along the top of the cover were five jewels, each again matching the different chromatic colors. Under the jewels was emblazoned a crest, a crescent atop a circle. The rest of the party retreated as Dell took the tome from the chest. With luck, someone in Sandpoint will be able to make sense of this, be it a ritual guide, a religious text, spellbook…or worse.



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