Pathfinder Inconsistent Adventures

I was daft to build a castle on a swamp

From the journal of Crysoner Garrett

The smell of the Rusty Dragon was different today. Something hung in the air. Even Conrad seemed frayed when discussing the increasing frequency of the goblin raids. The dwarf looked like he was being pulled in too many directions at once. He tasked us with finding out the cause of explosions to the south in the swamp. Without hesitation we accepted the task; as much as I enjoy being back in the city, I am eager to see what the bogs hold.

At the same time, Ameiko urged us to seek out her brother or clues regarding his whereabouts. The ranger had last been seen to the south, and with our destination already being set at the swamp, we agreed to keep alert for any signs of him.

The venture to the swamp was largely uneventful. We traveled along the road much of the trip until finally reaching the Brinestump marsh. There was no sign of Ameiko’s brother along the way. A cabin caught our attention, owned by a Halfling ranger. The Halfling claimed to be Walthus, the self-appointed warden of the swamp. However, the others noted something was more than a little odd about him. Bellum’s senses kept the paladin from being fooled by the faceless stalker who had assumed Walthus’ identity.

We quickly dispatched the creature and after searching the cabin found the true Walthus. He recounted his story and we proceeded to venture back out into the bog, stumbling across a goblin village. The vile Licktoads swarmed us but were dealt with swiftly. With luck that will ease some of the stress of the increased raids.

Before returning to Walthus’ cabin we came across the residence of Megus, the Swamp Witch. Boggards had overrun her shack and her rotting corpse was discovered inside. We drove off the breeding creatures but were unable to stop them from releasing their spawn into the water. This will be something that demands future attention, I fear. After claiming a highly decorated dagger as our prize we rested at Walthus’ cabin and replenished our strength. And yet, still no sign of the missing ranger.



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