Pathfinder Inconsistent Adventures

Animal farm

Did I mention the triceratops?

Our time in Magnimar had grown long. Seasons had come and gone. A feeling of restlessness had settled over the party, though we all found plenty of meager work to stay occupied.

A messenger arrived, claiming to be from Sandpoint, carrying word from Conrad. Details were few and far between, but the message was clear—if we were willing, our services were once again required.

In short order we set out, back the way we had came all those weeks—months?—ago, traveling back to Sandpoint. While there were still some outstanding matters in Magnimar, namely the cult we encountered before Blackfang’s fall, things had grown quiet and leads had grown cold. It was time to move on.

Frogan, Conrad’s messenger, joined us for our homecoming. Dell had also returned to Magnimar, and while he appeared somehow taller and with a fuller beard, he happily accompanied us on the trip back to Sandpoint.

At Cora’s behest we stopped at a familiar establishment along the road to Sandpoint, Friendly Frank’s Reptile Rehabilitation Ranch. Hoping to be reunited with Sparky, Cora led us through the grounds. A small group of shock lizards approached and she was able to soothe them, but we saw no trace of Frank or anyone else. Silence filled the air. Something was amiss.

Throwing open the doors to the barn, Frogan was nearly overrun by a stampeding beast the likes of which we’d never seen. A “triceratops”, I’m told it’s called. The massive lizard charged through the group, stopping just short of impaling Cora, before fleeing.

Ogres swarmed from the barn and nearly every other building on the premises. We defeated the monsters in short order. Cora single-handedly destroyed her fair share, while the rest of us cleaned up the remainders. Thinking we’d finished the last of them, we encountered an ettin in the last building we searched. The two headed monstrosity proved far more of a match than the others we’d dispatched. Locked in single combat, i was left with little choice but to unleash Raiden’s fury. Lightning coursed through my body, devastating the remaining monsters.

Battered and bruised, we’d won. Frank and the others at the farm were held captive inside the residence. Of course, the triceratops was now freely stampeding through the countryside. Someone had to track the beast down.



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